PB is a Paris-based studio with principal practices in architecture, scenography and interior design.

PB is about love, hate, relationship, emotions, improvisation, backgrounds, coherence, anonymity, simplicity, magic, listening, sharing, enthusiasm, sensuality, failure, space, celebration, equality, beauty, risks, interiors, you, details, paradoxes, poverty, romance, society, ephemeral, diy, sobriety, decline, welcoming, hope, fear, survival, essentiality, living, light, discretion, needs, pollution, variety, dancing, adventures, doubts, hands, materials, desires, dreams, time passing, sensibility, lies, intimacy, culture, irony, consciousness, people, joy, knowledge, critics, comfort, composition, humility, books, nature, positivity, music, limits, sex, humor, preoccupation, minority, collaborations, modesty, confusion, delicacy, generosity, optimism, humans, animals, provocation, utopia, making, tributes, secrets, separation, hospitality, craftsmanship, anger, honesty, research, culture, potential, transformation, references, practice, caos, rebellion, revolution, leisure, war, inclusivity, experimentation, domesticity, respect, unknown, climate, questioning, learning, teaching, feelings, politics, spirituality, rest, curiosity, durability, alternatives, peace, reducing, decreasing, traditions, democracy, contrast, balance, tenderness and nothing